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Ohtori Prologue - An SKU RPG

ohtori prologue.
an AU SKU PB rpg.

the game.
cast.taken.the castle.the kingdom.order of the rose

ohtori castle.the rose maze.duelist hall.out of character

This is Ohtori Prologue. The before-it-all tale. The very beginning of the game of revolution. All the characters are present in the form of their past lives. Set in an Elizaethan era kingdom known as Terre de Conte it a period where real princes, dukes, and knights walk the earth. Where balls and masques are held for the highest ranking of society. Where men and women will fight and die in the name of honor and nobility. Akio Ohtori is now Crown Prince Akio, engaged to Her Highness, Crown Princess Kanae. The Student Council is now an elite order who aid the crown. And the Rose Bride is the Crown Princess' gentle and quiet sister-in-law; her hand much sought after.

Who was your character before the era of Ohtori Academy? Who is their PB? And how will they play the game of revolution in this new setting?

{Ohtori Prologue is a historical SKU PB game @ gj}